Saturday, 13 July, 2024

Farewell Meta

Changing privacy policies, listening to what people say, monitoring what people do, using userdata to create an AI and making it difficult to protest to it. Even if one protests, they are still allowed to ignore your protest and continue with what they want to do with everyone’s data. No sir/madam, not for me anymore. I deleted everything I had running on Meta servers, at least, I tried to delete all. Facebook made it very difficult to delete my account. I hope I managed to delete it, because there were a lot of “error” messages in the process of deleting my account.

Luckily, in the country where I live, a government representive is lobbying for a law to tightening up things for companies like Meta and Google, just like there are laws for the national phone company. That representative is also trying to take this issue to the European parliament so this will be European and not only country based.

Keeping my fingers crossed, hoping it goes to Europe. Also hoping my FB account is gone after a few days.

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